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Fit for Business

Elevate BC is delighted to be working Claire Davies, Founder of FabraDavies, one of Europe’s top Brand Agencies on a new ‘Fit for Business’ Workshop.

Here’s an insight to the genius that is Claire Davies and what you can expect from the forthcoming workshop:

Claire: Originally from Wales, Claire has spent the last 20 years in Spain working as Founder and VP of FabraDavies, advising Brands such as Amazon and Barcelona Football club on branding and marketing. Claire is a pioneer in personal and intuitive branding.

What is the ‘Fit for Business Workshop’?:  Designed for ambitious individuals, these workshops offer a true insight into how to get ahead. From basic Business Etiquette to maximising personal branding and potential. The fun, fast paced course aims above all else to leave attendees with a new found business confidence and road map to achievement.

Marian Evans who has been described by Wales on-line as one of Wales Top Movers and Shakers and nominated for the Chware Teg Womenspire Leaders in Wales 2017

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