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In Back In Sync, Dan and Drago are shown to be taming/training against Zenthon. While Dan and Drago are training with Lightning and Howlkor, one of Howlkor's Prismatic Bolt attacks launches Drago in the aired, towards a nearby house. The battle goes smoothly until Wiseman summons the evil Mechtogan. Later the 3 of them brawl Spectra with his new evolved Helios even though it is a long battle with Mira and Marucho getting eliminated he still beats Spectra. He and Drago then call Dragonoid Destroyer just when Runo throw Aerogan as well. Guardian Bakugan Pegatrix exerts her influence to calm Dan and the Awesome Ones. Dan manages to defeat him, but Drago loses control of his powers and nearly destroys the arena. In Mysterious Bond, Dan tried to help Reptak find his missing partner but ran into Wiseman. Yu Kobayashi (Japanese)Scott McCord (English)Vinicius Fagundes (Brazilian Portuguese, 1st voice)Raphael Ferreira (Brazilian Portuguese, 2nd voice) Dan and Shun had to battle Mason and Taylor while Marucho and Jake challenged Sid and Casey. The following is a list of links to pages that might share the same title. They comment on how strong Zenthon is and try battling him but are unsuccessful. However, Spectra acquires Drago when he used a Forbidden Ability Card to boost Helios' strength. Human 12 (BB)15 (NV)16 (GI)17 and 18 (MS) He wanted to talk with Marucho in forming a strategy along with Shun but Marucho declined as he needed to talk with Radizen alone. They later fall into the ocean from an attack. Drago took a hit and Preyas stepped in protect him. The Awesome Ones return to their clubhouse, and upon seeing their viewership drop significantly, decide to make a mock-up brawling video, using cardboard cutouts of buildings and keeping their Bakugan in ball form, in order to avoid trouble. The next day, the Awesome Ones find that their usual training grounds have been cordoned off, being declared a "Bakugan-free" area. Later, he apologizes to her as Wiseman comes up to challenge him. They attempt to find another location to train, but every available spot is packed with other children looking for a place to use their Bakugan. In episode 25, he obtained Dragonoid Colossus, but was not aware of it. Namespaces. In A Royale Pain, Dan and Drago are briefly seen at the end of the episode climbing a mountain in New Vestroia. Bakugan Elite Cards This page was last edited on 20 December 2019, at 19:43. Dan and Drago then went into the Dark Moon with Mag Mel and Evolved Razenoid right behind them. The battle gets more intense forcing Dan to call Zenthon but Mag Mel calls his own Mechtogan with each side using their strongest attack with Drago losing the battle as Razenoid was too powerful which forced the Brawlers to retreat. In Behind the Mask, he is seen talking to the brawlers about how Mag Mel wants to invade Earth. They were saved by Nova Lion, an elderly Pyrus Tigrerra. Meanwhile, Dan refused to believe Spectra's intentions, and Alice soon warped in using Masquerade's warp card. Later, Wynton shows these videos to Dan and Lia, who are amazed at the amount of views on the videos. is the main protagonist of the anime series Mega Man Grey and its three following seasons: Grey 2 New Vestroia, Grey 3 Gundalian Invaders, and more. The feeling they had was the same feeling when they lost control. He managed to defeat him with ease. He moved to Bakugan City in Arc 2 of Mechtanium Surge, and now lives in the Battle Brawlers Headquarters. You find them at the top of this page. Human He asks Ren why he fights for the Emperor and once he hears his reason he said that he was better friends with the brawlers. When they arrive, they find that Wiseman is a hologram! He then shot a blast that turned all of the brawler's Bakugan to ball form. A while later, Stoica and Jesse appear to stop the Brawlers. He wins by using a Fusion Ability Card, D-Strike Extreme. When Marucho and Preyas sneak out to find Elfin, he is with Shun, Ace and Baron sleeping through a romantic movie that Runo, Mira and Julie are watching. This culminates in the Bakugan Celebration Day, where the Awesome Brawlers are given medals and compete in a tournament against other brawlers. Before they battle, Shun escapes while Fabia and Dan battle. After a long fight, Wiseman reveals his true identity: Coredegon. In the beginning, Dan played using raw power without any kind of strategy, only caring about winning and not the consequences that would follow. Gunz got very angry that he lost to Dan when he was a rookie. Also, the two of them have been having visions of a masked man named Mag Mel and a Bakugan named Razenoid demanding that they give him their power. The Awesome Ones continue training with their Bakugan, to the point of exhaustion. This left Spectra, Gus, Lync, Mira, and Baron trapped on Earth. In the second arc, he wears a red jacket which has white on the shoulders, black fingerless gloves, and dark red jeans. Later, they meet up with Preyas and Amazon at one of Drago's training grounds. In BAKUGAN THE BATTLE BEGINS, when Dan first appears, he is seen riding his bike to the park, where he is supposed to battle Shuji. However, during the battle against Rikimaru Drago was constantly trying to warn Dan to be careful and to come up with a strategy but Dan did not listen. NV After the battle, Dan demands that Barodius return Jake, only to have him tackle Dan, showing that he is still hypnotized by the Gundalians. rated as the Bakugan Batlle Brawlers. This hubris causes Dan and the other AO to become distracted during a brawl with the Exit Team. He admitted he didn't want Shun Kazami to join the team because of problems hes been having with him but after Shun helps Dan beat Masquaerade he weclomes him to the Bralwers. He then decides to take them to the center of the universe. After Neo Ziperator is taken by Jesse, Dan promises Linus Claude that he will rescue him. In Trople Threat, he and Drago are still training on New Vestroia. They enter the cave only to find a rainbow light. Around this time Drago started accepting him as his partner, hoping that with Dan's help he can stop Naga. He constantly insisted on battling even though he was dissuaded by Marucho, Rafe, Trister, and Shun. Later he was challenged to a rematch, which he accepts. This scolding frustrates Dan, who takes Drago goes walking around Los Volmos. In Masquerade Ball, Dan then tried to get Drago to talk but to no avail. As the other rest, Dan is persuaded by Drago to pick up food for the team at a local Burger Joint. By the third season, however, Dan has outgrown that habit, as shown in the episode Curtain Call when he was telling Jake to help rebuild the second shield generator after they had a successful victory over the Gundalians. The brawl ends after Drago incapacitates the Rowdy Reds' Skorporos, and the Awesome Ones convince them that brawling further will only bring more destruction. The brawlers were winning at first until they summoned their Mechtogan. Kravitz then confronts the Awesome Ones again, disguised as the anti-Bakugan activist, along with several members of the community, include Bill and Barbara Kouzo. During this time, a person named Ren Krawler appears, asking Dan, Marucho, and Shun if they are the Bakugan Battle Brawlers. With a total of seven Bakugan Traps, he has the most Bakugan Traps. Dan then wishes Nova Lion was back during another battle with the hybrids, but somehow, Alice overheard him, but didn't know who he was talking about Alice then decided to become Masquerade one more time to save them, which she does, and thanks to Masquerade's plan, the hybrid Bakugan are defeated. He is easily frustrated, which combined with his eagerness to brawl, causes him to complain a lot when he has to wait around in hiding, as shown in the first and second season. Then, Gunz and Reptak made a vow that they will win if they just train hard. Status Dan tells the brawlers that they can't defeat the Nonets without him, but Marucho and Shun get mad at him. The Bakugan break free, and Kravitz escapes. Evil, Dan and the other brawlers are in the Doom Dimension. Sporting the coolest sneakers, gloves, & pads, Dan looks like he could ride any bike, board or set of skis right up to a wall if you asked him to.Dan is “the Talent” portion of the Awesome Ones. Heading towards the second shield generator, he arrives just in time to help out Shun, who was getting beaten badly by Kazarina. The battle is very fierce, as Betadron wants to destroy Drago because the original Dragonoid sent the Nonets to the Doom Dimension, while Gunz wants revenge on Dan for turning Reptak against him. The two return to the Studio D, where they collapse, exhausted from the brawl. Dan and the Brawlers were challenged by Gundalians Mason Brown, Sid Arkale, and their new brainwashed brawlers Taylor and Casey. The Awesome Ones discover that Bear has been stolen and brainwashed by Strata the Hunter. Coredegon then creates a portal to the Doom Dimension, and pulls the brawlers into it. Later, Dan learned from Mira that Dragonoid Destroyer was only functioning at 90% efficiency. After losing two of his Bakugan to Reaper, he sends out Drago and he was losing the battle until Dan tried to activate an Ability Card, which Drago was able to exceed and cause the battle to end in a draw. Like his Battle Brawlers counterpart Dan Kuso, Dan can sometimes be overconfident and has shown that goes on his knees when he loses a battle. He's also quite eager yet impulsive as well, despite this, Dan is a caring brawler with the passion and talent to reach to the top with his friends. It was trimmed in red and gold and had blue markings down the sides. After that experience, Dan started using a little more strategy in his battles, allowing him to take on world-ranked Bakugan champions like Chan Lee. 12[1] In The Eve of Extermination, Dan learns that Dragonoid Destroyer has 30% of power reserved. He serves as a battle partner, a guardian, and a source of wisdom. Although constantly arguing with each other, Dan and Runo are in love but don't confess until the end of the series, where they are seen going on a movie date together. He acts as the leader of the group and shares a rapport with all the members. They have been through a lot together and even when they’ve had disagreements, no one ever goes home mad. Later, they are seen among the arena debris commenting that Drago's powers are not the only things that need to be controlled. If you want to create a … He then appears in the dark reversed dimension of Bakugan Interspace and battles against Mag Mel, Razenoid, Dreadeon and Razen Titan alongside Titanium Dragonoid, Zenthon and Zenthon Titan. Dan would wake up after hearing Runo's voice that would then transfers Drago's new battle suit. In Battle Lines, Dan is still arrogant since his return. The following is a list of links to pages that might share the same title. They look in the light and they see Mag Mel and Razenoid. He is mentioned in the Spin Master announcement of Bakugan Battle Planet.[2]. Race He and Drago battled Dharak Colossus but lost. Later, he sees a vision of Gundalia being attacked by the Chaos Bakugan and warns the others. He wears white pants with grey pinstriped patches on his hips that are outlined in blue. These turn out to be Aay and his Ventus Mantonoid. They and the Neathians celebrate their victory as the Gundalians retreat. When he went to the meeting point, he found Shuji and Akira waiting for him for another rematch. This is comprised of Dan, Wyton, Lia, and Lightning, and their Bakugan Drago, Trox, Gorthion, and Howlkor respectively, training and experimenting with BakuCores. After Lightning discovers Artulean, Magnus approaches Dan in disguise, claiming to be a Bakugan counselor. Dan ends up battling Emperor Barodius and Dharak, but just as Drago and Dharak were about to attack each other, the Sacred Orb sends all of the Gundalians back to Gundalia. Gender Also, during this date, both Dan and Runo seem to have changed clothes. After Mechtavius Destroyer forms, Shun and Marucho try to defend from a powerful attack when Dragonoid Destroyer uses 20% of its energy to summon Mechtogan for Radizen and Jaakor: Flytris and Thorak. Dan was surprised hearing Drago talking to Fear Ripper and he decides that he was imagining that he was talking. He agreed to help the Resistance free the Bakugan by destroying all the Dimension Controllers that are keeping the Bakugan in their ball forms. Dan and the rest of the now renamed Awesome Brawlers are treated as celebrities, constantly hounded for their attention and for Bakugan brawls. Dan buys the disguise, and refers Lightning and Artulean to him in hopes that he helps then get along. Dan apologies for the destruction he caused, and tells them about how he taught the Rowdy Reds about safely using their Bakugan. Later, when Mag Mel absorbs Anubias, he is very angry and wants revenge against him. It is a close battle, but Drago won by bending Helios's battle gear and defeating him. Dan and the rest of the Awesome Ones and their newfound Bakugan spend their time filming videos for their ViewTube channel. He apologized about his attitude beforehand. Alive —Dan Kuso, Mega Man Grey "Dan to Grey" Daniel "Dan" Kuso (Japanese version: Danma "Dan" Kūsō (空操 弾馬 (ダン), Kūsō Danma (Dan)?)) In Chaos Control, he and Drago split up after the last one said he has to be alone for a while. Overall, Dan lost three brawls in Battle Brawlers, three in New Vestroia, three in Gundalian Invaders, and eight in Mechtanium Surge. In Battle for Bakugan Land, Dan shows Runo around the amusement park. She took Spectra, Gus, and Dan back to the lab, where Dr. Michael sent Spectra and Gus back to New Vestroia. Then, the real Wiseman teleports Gunz away. The pair receive a scolding from the owner of the house, while Kravitz watches. In Agony of Defeat, he still refuses to listen to his friends when they tell him to take a break from battling. Namespaces. The battle is declared over and Dan is disqualified for illegally using Zenthon and Anubias is crowned number one of Bakugan Interspace. Jonah WinebergJohnathan Sturgess (since 2019)Rie Takahashi (Japanese) Then they head to a stadium to meet Wiseman. Age Dark hair with a red streak in it that he’s had since birth. Dan struggles against Jake and his new Ability Card given to him by Kazarina. During the battle Dan cuts off a portion of Mag Mel's mask, revealing him to be Barodius, the former emperor of Gundalia. All of them then agree with him and he starts to focus to link up with Mag Mel. He was last seen watching a fan that supported him then rejected him for losing. The next one, 馬 (ma), is much simpler: it just means "horse. He receives violent visions of Bakugan Interspace and Bayview being attacked by Razenoid and they face Sellon (in her Neathian form) and this time, since Dan and Drago are back in sync, they summon Zenthon and are able to control him. Bakugan Dan Kouzo Dan is athletic, outgoing, inclusive and supportive— a natural leader, even though he doesn’t think of himself as one.

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