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[They start fighting. Kronika must never process the Crown. Kitana attempts to stop the sorcerer, before Sheeva intervenes. If I die, we fail. My nose rubbed in my own fallibility, I was humbled. With Kronika's death, they were released from the Void, and have traveled through the Hourglass to stop Fire God Liu Kang from using it. Kitana pleaded her mother to stop the chaos and questioned what spell had Shao Kahn used on her. I feel it. Shao Kahn: Let's finish them. Kitana Kahn: Raiden and Fujin have gone ahead to storm the Isle but we've lost all contact with our rear guard. Young Shang Tsung: Breathe deeply in your final moments, Chosen One. Shang Tsung: I find your lack of faith amusing. Everyone but Raiden, Fujin and Shang Tsung are frozen in time.] No more gods. In chapters 3, 4, 9, and 16, the player can choose in each fight which character will be used, unless there is a stated restriction in brackets after the name of the opponent. We should listen. Soldiers open fire.] And hope Sheeva is as eager to aid us as I anticipate… After Cetrion subdues Nightwolf, he tries to sacrifice himself to defeat Cetrion, but Sindel intervenes and fights the Elder God. Fire God Liu Kang: I am Lord Liu Kang, God of Thunder and Fire. Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. Shao Kahn: Kitana was a false Kahn, a traitor to Outworld. Young Liu Kang: Lord Raiden! Raiden: I would rather save you. Fujin: So that she can aid us against Kronika. Fujin?! Fire God Liu Kang: A lie, something you know well. Raiden: What else can you tell us about the final battle? As Shang Tsung is about to steal Nightwolf's soul, Raiden and Fujin intervene. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The Keeper of Time, Kronika, appears in the chamber, annoyed at Raiden for upsetting the balance of time after Mortal Kombat X's events. Why Raiden thought you a contender baffles me. Have no illusions otherwise. Nightwolf is trying to attack Cetrion, but without success.] He comes down from the sky and chops the demons with his electric swords. We can't recruit any of our allies without altering this timeline's events. Sheeva: Later, Kotal. At the Fire Garden, Cassie prepares to rescue her parents’ younger-selves. "Do not become attached to them, Fujin. Raiden states that she will be finished and if Shang Tsung betrays them, they will have to finish him too. Not without killing my Revenant. Raiden: My lord, your will is done. [brief, creepy, satisfied laughter] The Netherrealm's locked down, but there's still eight Hells left to purge. Shang Tsung: Only in our present. Shang Tsung: He always had more ego than skill. Look! Fire God Liu Kang: —will be rewarded. Shao Kahn is getting ready to smash Kotal's head, but Kitana and her army enter the arena, knocking down a massive gate.] But they decline this deal and the Tarkatans attack Shang Tsung, who accidentally made one of them fell into the acid and they all watch as the Tarkatan trooper dissolves. Raiden gave me one of his "Thunder Hands” massages. Fujin: You should have fled this fight too. Johnny heads out to rescue her, commandeering a tank on his way to deal with the Cyber Lin Kuei. Geras: Shang Tsung, Fujin, Nightwolf. Erron Black: Time to spill it. Kronika's power overwhelmed me, such that I would have been driven mad… Had I not spent centuries mastering the dark powers beyond the grasp of ordinary mortals. But that's not happening on my watch. But it didn't take long for him to adapt. But these nincompoops? You have taken leave of your senses. Fujin throws it away with his magic.] When I get home, I am bringing them to justice. Shao Kahn: It will be mine to watch you punish him. As the ships collide, the Cyber Lin Kuei attack. [He sucks out their souls.] Shang Tsung realizes Liu Kang had allowed him to progress as he did for the latter to claim the crown, at the cost of losing his friends. Join us on the right side of history. I have absorbed Kronika's power. Fujin: Not all, Liu Kang. Returning Sindel to life will restore her original, more heroic self. Suddenly a fire portal opens.] Johnny Cage and Scorpion are the only two characters who fought their past-selves. The hell ain't gonna return the favor. Resurrected Nightwolf: Is a fraud! Nightwolf: Not for fools who follow you. He instead suggests that he be sent back into the past to regain the Crown at his island. The all new Custom Character Variations give you unprecedented control to customize the fighters and make them your own. Kronika is our future. Young Shang Tsung: Kronika was wise to banish me. The results were catastrophic. Then we would surely die. [Fujin walks out of the portal.] Angered by the thug's threat to his wife and daughter, the Cage patriarch beats him down, before pressing a boot to his neck. [All Shokan and Tarkatan chant Shao Kahn’s name.] But I will lead us to victory. A medical crew then tends to Johnny and Cassie, with Johnny inviting Sonya to dinner as gratitude for saving his life. [Shao Kahn calls for his hammer. Fujin: You have a different plan, Nightwolf? Fire God Liu Kang: You honor me, Raiden. Mortal Kombat enthält zum Teil äußerst explizite Gewaltdarstellungen, … Sub-Zero: Your Shaolin masters, they are ready? We will put down Shang Tsung's defiance. And when we're done who knows where we'll crash next. Or maybe we'll just… break your TV right now! Sheeva: I'll submit to Kitana Kahn's justice, not yours. The Great Kung Lao: Where did you- Who? [They fly forward using Fujin;s wind magic.] Kitana uses her scope to check the incoming fleet, only to discover Sindel's betrayal. We'll have a nice, friendly chat with Kitana Kahn. Raiden: I am a fool. As the decapitated and still living head of Shinnok watches on, the revenants of Nightwolf and Sindel prepares to torture Shang Tsung, Nightwolf and Fujin. Nightwolf: She'll cut Shang Tsung's head off. Fujin: Now listen, brother. Raiden: (to Fujin) If I have faith in anyone, it is you, brother. Together we replaced the Elder Gods that Cetrion had betrayed… and became eternal guardians of the realms. Hanzo swears to Sub-Zero, who broods over the bodies, that they both will avenge the dead Lin Kuei. She then create a sandstorm, which will end their existence. They are then shocked by the sudden arrival of the present Jax, who reveals that he has sided with Kronika in an attempt to alter time, so that his daughter will never become a soldier. Kollector warns Kotal that his death will cause him to lose. Fire God Liu Kang wins – Liu Kang uses the power of the Hourglass to erase Shang Tsung from existence. Shao Kahn and Sindel went on a mission to intervene in the battle between Raiden and Kronika's forces to seize the Hourglass for themselves. Liu Kang objects that he cannot do the duty alone, so Raiden tells him to choose someone who can share this adventure with him in a lifetime. I must stay behind, to operate the Hourglass, but Nightwolf and Fujin will go with you, to supervise. We must get to the Soul Chamber, urgently! [Nightwolf and Fujin are lifting the coffin.] Fujin: Both of you, please. Sindel: Are we not following him now? Sindel: A eunuch monk can't hope to understand the ways of mothers and daughters. Fujin gives Raiden the crown, only to find out that it was Shang Tsung who was impersonating Raiden to get the crown off from Fujin. [But then Young Shang Tsung betrays them! Sindel: She takes after her father, Sheeva. [He starts… creating. Liu Kang tries to reason with Raiden, saying that Scorpion may be telling the truth. Jax with Shang Tsung and Fujin with Noob Saibot. Kronika expects you to fight her. Will you help us? Fujin: We all from your tragic future. The Sindel I knew wiped out most of Earthrealm's champions in a single battle. Geras: Of all the Nightwolves I have fought you are the fiercest. Each chapter focuses on one or two characters from the series and contains a combination of fights and extended cut-scenes. Upon hearing of Earthrealm attacking the cathedral, Liu Kang and Kitana ambush the Special Forces, resulting in Sonya getting trapped under an avalanche of rocks. Mutilation. Geras: If Shang Tsung were to— We've seen it! Shang Tsung: Cetrion must be on her way. Kronika: You are a fool, Raiden. Sub-Zero: And now you've come to finish us. Sheeva: My Empress… Both Kanos then send the younger Erron Black to deal with Sonya and Johnny, shooting Cage in the arm. Maybe we'll gut your favorite pet. Jaсqui Briggs: You too, Sindel. But while I had grown to appreciate mortals deeply… I understood precious little about their daily existence. Shang Tsung: These traps are excellent. Sub-Zero: Fujin?! Fire God Liu Kang: I will try to send you back to the time merger. Shang Tsung weakens Kronika, and only then betrays and defeats Shao Kahn and Sindel, telling them that killing Kronika is his destiny. Sindel throws Cetrion with her hair.] [He sucks her soul.] During the battle, the crown falls out of Fujin's bag (or where he kept it, we are not shown).] When my purpose was served, she betrayed me, casting me into the Void. Sheeva: By concealing you from Kitana, I betray my oath to her… But my life belongs to Sindel. Sheeva: That will do. Category page. Once inside, however, a shocked Kronika wastes no time, and has her revenant minions attack Liu Kang. After defeating Kronika, Shang Tsung absorbs her soul, causing her to dissolve into sand. [Liu Kang is beginning to spell. If she is such a formidable weapon. Geras: Nightwolf, Shang Tsung… Come. Sub-Zero: That is likely what it will take. Fujin and Nightwolf are sent along with Shang Tsung to watch over him for any signs of betrayal. As Liu Kang prepares to use his fire power against him, Raiden comes to a realization: "This has happened before". [Fire God Liu Kang stops performing magic.] I’ll cover him. Since when are you friends with this filth? Sindel pins the blame on Kitana, leading the Shokans to join her against Kitana to avenge Sheeva. Your visions are nothing. Tell me you would not betray your daughter. Shang Tsung: Truly, my finest work. Hanzo rescues Kharon from D'Vorah's clutches, who was torturing Kharon for refusing to assist Kronika, defeating her in combat. The only exception is in Chapter 10 where the first fights are with the present-day Scorpion (Hanzo Hasashi), while after that, the past Scorpion is used. As the new Keeper of Time, I was overwhelmed by my responsibilities. Sindel: I must return to Outworld, to aid Kitana Kahn. He traded away our powers, our divine rights. Outgrown Shao Kahn and Kitana. Shang Tsung: My sincere apologies. Shao Kahn clashed with Liu Kang and defeated him. Kitana Kahn: Oh, mother! [She throws the hat but Kung Lao catches it.] Polski; Edit. Nightwolf: Is it possible that— [Young Shang Tsung, Sindel and Shao Kang begin to fight Resurrected Kung Lao, Kitana and Jade. Have faith in me. But have no doubt, you are up to the task. He picked a bad place to hide… and even worse place to die. My first husband, your father, was a fool. All were seen in the Koliseum. Nightwolf: No. Through the power of Kronika's sands of time, the past Kitana is transported to the present timeline along with the other kombatants. Shang Tsung: Our rather public arrival at the Koliseum makes that impossible. Moments later, Kronika recruits the present-day Jax to her side. Fujin: Is he finished? The Crown is our burden to share. He learns what he needs to do to destroy the Cyber Lin Kuei, before Sektor fires rockets at the trio, which Cyrax stops by using his net. And he exists solely to disrupt it? They send the past Kabal to fight her, with the present day Kano telling him that it was Sonya who disfigured his face. Kitana Kahn: Hold your tongue. Keep them alive. Resurrected Liu Kang: Now Shao Kahn turns against us? Jax: Well, I'll be. He figured that terminating Kronika, and taking her Hourglass, gave him the best chance at achieving his mission objective. Shang Tsung: Then let us hurry. Raiden, Liu Kang, and Kung Lao then get into Earthrrealm to learn more about their tragic future. The Keeper of Time cannot also be my tribe's defender. Young Liu Kang: Raiden, stop this! Shang Tsung would only undertake such an arduous task if herald promised a decisive advantage. It is very likely that Kronika would be alerted of their presence. Shang Tsung: Because we must restore Sindel. ??? During the time, Kitana has defeated Shao Kahn and was named the new Kahn. [He pierces it with his blade. ], [In this section you can read the final monologue of the DLC fighters who defeated Kronika in classic mode.]. Sheeva challenged her and suffered this punishment.

Mortal Kombat: Aniquilación Reparto, Estimulación Temprana 2 Años, Mañana Es Día Festivo En Barcelona, Como Mover Objetos Con La Energía Vital, Manual De Procedimientos De Publicidad, Características Del Narrador Observador, Los Tigres Comen Humanos, Barcelona Vs Roma 2019, La Isla Del Miedo Discovery, Símbolo De Agradecimiento A La Vida, Partes Del Corazón Para Niños, Dragonoid Ultra Armored Alliance,

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