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real madrid vs juventus semifinal vuelta 2015

62 min: Marcelo toe-pokes a lovely cross into the middle. 83 min: James Rodriguez’s cross is caught by Buffon. 90 min+1: James Rodriguez drifts a cross-field pass from right to left out for a throw. 61 min: Real look flat. Agg: 2-3. It swerved viciously and Buffon stood and watched as the ball went by. 80 min: Barzagli boots the ball behind. We know what happened last season. 90 min+2: We are approaching Ramos Time. What a save. 86 min: This is wonderful from Pogba. A goal-kick is awarded. The seconds are ticking away. They struggled in the first half and they could have been out of it by half-time, but they were outstanding in the second half. Champions League 2015 Semifinal draw results: It's Juventus vs. Real Madrid, Juve drop more points away from home in draw with Benevento. 04/05/2015 Live Juventus v Real Madrid preview. By the way, I neglected to mention that Tevez was booked a few minutes ago. Patrice Evra appears to slip and crash into Javier Hernandez’s back, but the Swedish referee is lenient, much to Juventus’s relief. 76 min: Lichsteiner is booked for timewasting at a throw. James Rodriguez is inconsolable. Lionel Messi is waiting for you in Berlin. 68 min: James Rodriguez whistles a left-footer inches over the bar. Night! Juventus will play Barcelona in the Champions League final! ... 12/05/2015 Live Real Madrid v Juventus preview. They’ll be after a new manager too. And there's also Juventus' big summer signing, Spanish striker Álvaro Morata, going back to the city of his birth and the stadium where he has playing his home matches just last season. There will be four more minutes. 67 min: Karim Benzema, who has faded in the second half, is replaced by Javier Hernandez, Real’s hero against Atletico Madrid. 90 min+4: This probably isn’t going to be Real’s night. To complete an action-packed minute, Alvaro Morata - 2015’s Fernando Morientes potentially - is replaced by Fernando Llorente. UEFA Champions League, Semifinal, Leg 1: Juventus vs. Real Madrid — Full match coverage, It's been 12 long years, but Juventus is back, Juventus to play Real Madrid in the UCL semifinals, Pirlo: Juve have to learn the moments of the game, Round 9: Juventus vs. Benevento match preview, Pirlo says players struggling to recover with tight schedule. Buffon had it covered. Available for everyone, funded by readers. There are whistles and jeers. Juventus 1 - Benevento 1: Initial reaction and random observations. Corner. FULL-TIME! He badly needs something to go his way. Nedved on the #UCLdraw: "It will be a wonderful tie against the #UCL holders. 81 min: Bale tees up Kroos, who kindly plays the ball straight back to Buffon from 20 yards. They’re out of the Champions League and the league title is slipping out of their grasp too. © 2020 Guardian News & Media Limited or its affiliated companies. Evra bullets a header away before Bale can get his head to the ball. Just like the other semifinal, it's a true meeting of the heavyweights. Same goes for who Juve beat the last time they made it this far in Europe. May 5, 2015 3 things we learned from Juve's win over Madrid Juventus came out swinging, and caught Real Madrid off-balance in the first league of their Champions League semifinal tie. 63 min: The Bernanbeu thought this was in! It wasn't long ago that Juventus vs. Real Madrid was being considered the heavyweight showdown of the Champions League group stage. 90 min+3: Here come Real again. 04/05/2015 Live Calm Pepe looking forward to Morata reunion. Gareth Bale could return to the starting lineup when Real Madrid visit Juventus in the first leg of their Champions League semifinal. Real Madrid 1-1 Juventus (Morata 57 min; Juventus lead 3-2 on aggregate), Half-time: Real Madrid 1-0 Juventus (2-2 on aggregate; Real Madrid lead on away goals), GOAL! It's Juventus, the soon-to-be four-time Serie A champions against the current Champions League winners, Real Madrid. Now, the two clubs will meet just about 18 months later, with the stage exponentially higher and the reward being the chance to play for what everybody wants to at the beginning of the season. Lichsteiner is down with cramp for a few seconds. 90 min: Juventus are almost there. That would have been curtains for Real. Real are lagging. A long ball over the top has Chiellini, Bonnuci and Buffon in all sorts of bother. Congratulations, Juventus. He cut it back to Bale and his volley from six yards out brushed off Chiellini’s shins and skipped an inch past the right post! He beats it away and Vidal loops a difficult header over the bar! At midday today, the draw will begin and Real Madrid will find out who they face in the semi-finals of the Champions League. Carvajal concedes a free-kick in the centre circle, pulling Tevez back. And, oh, what an ironic matchwinner. Juventus feel it came off James. Juventus vs. Real Madrid: Score and Grades from 2015 Champions League Semi-Final Rob Blanchette @ @_Rob_B. They were two teams who ended having two completely different European seasons. He’s in tears. Ah well. Luckily nothing comes from the corner. More frustration, more disappointing results for a team that is still struggling to find its true identity heading into December. Once Bayern Munich and Barcelona were drawn against one another as the first two ping-pong balls were plucked out of the fancy UEFA-sponsored bowl, the reality of who Juventus will be playing in the Champions League semifinals was all but certain. They’ve done it. Remember Fernando Morientes. 87 min: Juventus dice with calamity! Whistles. Real are banging on the door. From there, Madrid counter ... and Bale, attempting to streak past Chiellini, runs the ball out of play for a goal-kick. 89 min: Roberto Pererya replaces Paul Pogba. Iker Casillas just rushed over to the left to take a throw, then had a change of mind at the last second, dropped the ball and was penalised for a foul throw. The Carlo Ancelotti vs. Juventus storyline. Real never learn, do they? Vidal, Pogba and Marchisio were tireless, Tevez a totem of strength in attack. Minute-by-minute report: Alvaro Morata returned to haunt his old club as Real Madrid were knocked out of the Champions League by Juventus, who will play Barcelona in the final But what a chance. Juventus vs Real Madrid, 2015 Champions League Semifinals: Match preview New, 71 comments Los Blancos will seek to conquer Turin and set foot on the Champions League final. 75 min: Marcelo raids into the box. Real Madrid 1-0 Juventus (Ronaldo pen, 23 min; 2-2 agg, Real lead on away goals), Read Sid Lowe’s match report from the Santiago Bernabéu. Bale shoots wide from 30 yards. Bale heads. It's not the first time Juve-Real Madrid has been looked at in that kind of way. Andrea Barzagli, a centre-back, is replaced by Andrea Pirlo, who is applauded off the pitch by all four corners of the Bernabeu. 2014/15, Semi-finals, 2nd leg. 71 min: A cross into the Juventus area is only headed away as far as Bale by Chiellini. Topics Champions League Alvaro Morata has knocked his old club out. The Bernabeu voices its disapproval again. Real Madrid and Juventus tied 1-1 at Santiago Bernabeu in Madrid, Spain on May 13, 2015 in the second leg of the Champions League semifinals. We’re happy to be here among Europe’s finest.". Official Website with news, photos, videos, live scores, results, and recap of the Champions League Real Madrid - Juventus on May 13 2015 It almost always is at this point in the competition. Please note: these shit cartoons are not made for kids in anyway. But to have Juventus back here, where the club has fought so hard to get back to, just seems right. That’ll do it. Tevez knocks a pass down the line for Marchisio and his brilliant low cross into the middle just eludes Morata at the far post! He opened up his body, looking to place it into the far corner with his right foot, but Casillas read his intentions and plunged down to his right to push the ball away! He can see Berlin.But his shot from 12 yards is straight at Casillas! Fernando Llorente tricks Varana brilliantly on the left and tees up Pogba. He stroked a delicate pass through to the onrushing Marchisio, who was in the clear. But tonight isn’t about Real Madrid, it’s about Juventus. The first leg will be played on Wednesday, May 6, at Juventus Stadium, with the second leg is scheduled to go down a week later on May 12 at the Santiago Bernabéu in Madrid. Featured Columnist May 5, 2015 Comments. The Juventus back in the Champions League semis after 12 years wait angle. Madrid were trying to get to the ever-elusive La Décima, while Juve were trying to just hold on and survive to get out of the group. The Real Madrid fans look on with glum expressions. James Rodriguez cut Juventus open with a beautiful backheel through to Marcelo on the overlap. Alvaro Morata returned to haunt his old club as Real Madrid were knocked out of the Champions League by Juventus, who will play Barcelona in the final, Wed 13 May 2015 16.46 EDT Over. First published on Wed 13 May 2015 13.00 EDT. 73 min: Was this a penalty? People can talk about how Juve will be underdogs, and that's fine. 74 min: Evra takes his time over a free-kick. It’s over! It wasn’t. They need a second wind. He’s soon on his feet again. Kroos takes it. Morata held off Varane and found Vidal on the edge of the area. Juventus have barely mustered one attack in the past 10 minutes, not that they really need to at the moment. Gigi Buffon roars. Hernandez gives chase and although he can’t control it, the ball rattles off his shins, past Buffon and trickles past the right post! He’s in space on the edge of the area, but he snatches at his shot and it goes well wide. Buffon. Oh dear. 65 min: Real have 25 minutes to find a goal that would force extra-time. UEFA Champions League Live Commentary for Real Madrid v Juventus on 13 May 2015, includes full match statistics and key events, instantly updated. One minute. Ah, where to begin with this matchup. 77 min: It’s one-way traffic now. Ronaldo combines with Marcelo on the left and hangs a cross to the far post. 66 min: Juventus probe carefully down the right. Thanks for reading and emailing. This defeat effectively serves as Carlo Ancelotti’s resignation letter. We don't have to look all that far back for that, either. 79 min: Juventus are parking the bus. Is he going to repeat his heroics from last year’s final? 84 min: The Juventus fans are belting out the Italian national anthem. Their defence was superb. 03/05/2015 Live Champions League 2015 Semifinal draw results: It's Juventus vs. Real Madrid New, 216 comments By Danny Penza @djp4cal Apr 24, 2015, 12:55pm CEST The Juventus fans roar. Maybe they should spend some more money? UEFA Champions League Real Madrid vs. Juventus: Score and Grades from 2015 Champions League Semi-Final Matt Jones Featured Columnist May 13, 2015 Comments RESPETO PARA IKER. Dandy Lion Georgia Fan Member since Feb 2010 48528 posts Online Member since Feb 2010 48528 posts Online Against all the odds, they’ve beaten Real Madrid and they are in the Champions League final for the first time since 2003. Who saw this coming? Up in the Gods, the Juventus fans roar back. 12/05/2015 Live Madrid v Juventus: what to watch out for. At 10.38pm on a hot night in Madrid the referee blew his whistle and Juventus’s players leapt into the sky and sprinted across the pitch, en route to Berlin. What a chance. Mark your calendars right now, ladies and gents. 88 min: A reprieve for Real. All rights reserved. Bale rises above Evra but heads over from a few yards out! Real Madrid 1-1 Juventus (Juventus win 3-2 on aggregate), GOAL!!!!!! 72 min: This is getting a bit uncomfortable to watch for Bale. Bonnuci’s challenge is timed to perfection. Bale can’t believe it. 70 min: If Juventus don’t win this game, they will look back on this moment and wonder. With Juventus essentially defending from their own six-yard box, he buys them some precious time with a power-maraud forward, eventually winning a free-kick in Real’s half when Ramos knocks him over. Juve blew an early lead and dropped yet more points away from home. 04/05/2015 Live Listen live: Semi-finals begin. It’s all gone very wrong for the holders in the past week. Juventus stand firm. He wasn’t going to save that if. Can he really be 37?

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